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The health commissioner of Minnesota has apologized for the delay in releasing news about additional mesothelioma cases among Iron Range workers of Minnesota. The health commission of Minnesota, Dianne Mandernach, apologized during a four hour public hearing that was held on Tuesday, 26th June 2007.

In this public hearing, some lawmakers debated if Minnesota’s governor was likewise involved in the decision that led to withholding of this important information of additional mesothelioma cases from the people of Minnesota.

Being a deadly form of cancer, mesothelioma has been allocated to asbestos exposure and to date, 58 cases of mesothelioma have been diagnosed in Iron Range miners, six of which came to light last week only.

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The controversy that has prompted the health department of Minnesota to be looked upon in anger and a sense of resentment is the delayed release of mesothelioma data that involved 35 cases determined by the health department in March 2006 that was not released to public till March 2007.

Yes, even a native Texan, who played football in the condition of Florida, may feel uncomfortable in the climate of Minnesota, at least 1 day where the temperature reached above 90 and the air was thick milkshake.

According to the health commissioner, Dianne Mandernach, her department delayed the release because they were waiting for the federal funds to start the research to determine if the taconite dust was the cause of rising mesothelioma cases, as suspected. An expert of Environmental Sciences from the University of Minnesota, who also took part in the hearing, said that the rule should focus its research on measuring the amount of asbestos-like fibers in the taconite dust that is being considered as a major risk factor for mesothelioma and ask the mining companies to adopt practices to reduce dust and adopt safety measures. Despite the apology from the health department, people still harbor anger and bitterness against them for hiding facts and endangering lives of the inhabitants to mesothelioma cancer.