Obvious Things About Yo Yo Dieting

As the years pass by, the statistics of overweight and obese people grow more and more alarming, since it increases at a very rapid rate. If this goes on, the world will shortly be full of fat people, including todays children and the generations to come. This is why weight loss programs and means has become some kind of an obsession for health and fitness experts including developing quite a series of wonder diets.

Currently over half the population of America is overweight, and nearly one-quarter obese. There are more overweight people in the US than any time in history. Americans spend over $50 billion on dieting and weight loss products each year. Weight loss is a national obsession. At any given time, 25 million Americans are seriously dieting. Only 1 out of every 200 dieters lose their weight and hold it off for a year or more.

Going Forward: Yo Yo Dieting

The term dieting fad has been coined in view of the sudden popularity and explosion of these so-called wonder diets, attributable to the fact that obesity and weight is being carefully looked at by society today.

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A fad, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is something that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a short space of time. Several diets can be considered fads due to their sudden popularity, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will remain as popular after several years go by.

Looking Deeper In Yo Yo Dieting

One of the more popular dieting fads during its time (not as popular now, but still continuing) is the Atkins Diet, developed by Dr. Robert Atkins. The main idea of this diet is to adopt in a low amount of carbohydrates. These increase minimally for every stage of the diet (there are four phases). Many people believe that the Atkins Diet was liable for the revolution of the current diets which are mostly low-carbohydrate diets.

Dr. Atkins believes that a main factor in causing obesity is refined carbohydrates, mainly white rice, refined sugar, flour, and the like. Eating too much carbohydrates can cause oversecretion of insulin. This leads to food cravings, which finally leads to weight gain. According to the Atkins Diet, by faithfully following its guidelines, it will eliminate that particular process. This prevents you from gaining weight and ultimately allowing you to lose it much easier.

Health experts suggest that following such fad diets may not be too healthy as they encourage what is called yo-yo dieting. This means you may lose weight for a short time and then go back to your normal weight because you resume your normal eating habits. If you really wish to lose weight after following this diet, ensure that you consume a balanced meal and exercise regularly for best results. It is likewise possible that this diet may give rise to weight gain because sticking to it seems slightly difficult. Even if you make it through the three days, you may think you’re now free to eat what you want, and may overdo it in the operation, resulting in weight gain.

This diet may or can only be successful for everyone, as such. In any case, resorting to such quick fad diets is generally unhealthy, particularly if you suffer from some form of health problems. Simply follow a healthy diet and do some exercise, and you’ll lead a healthy, normal life.

It has been said that the Atkins Diet is most effective for the very first six months, with not much of a difference after that. Health wise, studies have shown that it increases good cholesterol levels and lowers some of the risks involved in heart disease. This is unlike crash diets and other diets wherein you’ll lose weight, albeit at the cost of your health.

Another dieting fad is the South Beach Diet, so aptly named because it was designed in Miami, FL, by a heart specialist Dr. Arthur Agatston. His focus in developing this diet was to assist his patients, stricken by various heart ailments. However, its health benefits have been documented, not talk about the rate of weight loss. This has made this diet popular with not only heart patients, but with the entire world.

Among the popular diets, the low carb diet, unlike any other diet, focuses on the reduction of sugary non-filling foods from the participant’s diet. The diet focused on fullness. To be truthful, we all knew someone who was on the Atkin’s type diet and who had lost scores of pounds, while apparently enjoying his or her regime. So what happened? Why did not all, instead of just a few of these folks stay skinny for the remainder of their lives? Nutrition-less and sugary foods seem to be done at the heart of weight regain.

Once we lose focus, no matter what type of diet we were on, and wander down that forbidden sugar trail, it becomes progressively harder to regain a center point. The pounds creep back due to the rise of non-filling sugar-laden foods. The problem is in the mentality of the dieter. When the diet is in full swing, all is well. When the achieved weight goal is met, then the guard is let down. Emotional eating resurfaces and the cycle begins again. Sugar is addictive. It’s a fact.

Good carbohydrates are the ones that are high in fiber content, such as brown (organic) rice and wheat bread, just to name only a few. White, or refined rice, is discouraged as this is seen as a source of bad carbohydrates. Good fats are basically poly and mono unsaturated fats, while bad fats are saturated and trans fats.

The South Beach Diet aims for its followers to look at the diet as a form or a portion of their lifestyle, and not simply a means to losing weight. It stresses that weight loss is a positive outcome of the diet, but that other health benefits can be accomplished by faithfully following the diet. That is why this diet doesn’t restrict on the quantity of food to be taken in, just the type.

Diets such as the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet can be very useful in allowing you to lose weight; however, it doesn’t stop there. Proper and constant exercise is highly encouraged to discover the full benefits of these diets in relation to weight loss. One without the other is an incomplete means of achieving your goals.

Many dieting fads will come and go, while some will usually be accepted in society, as is happening with the two aforementioned ones. Before deciding whether to pursue one diet or another, it would help if you consult experts or your doctor, especially if you’re an illness.