Advice About Major Life Event

Identify the price of maintenance of the status quo. Not making the change you know you require to make is costing you. Do some soul searching; consult with trusted allies, or journal to yourself to uncover the payoffs you are receiving, and the prices you are paying for maintenance of the status quo. When you get that the cost of not making the change is more than the payoff, you will be more committed to moving forward.

Working with your doctor, you’ll learn to manage depression. He/she may also recommend that you see a therapist and/or make certain lifestyle changes as a piece of your treatment or the strategy for relapse prevention apart from taking medication.

And Now For The Best Of Major Life Event

Create a reserve of everything. We do not always have to make a difficult change from where we’re now. If we have issues with money, time, space, emotional support, skills, etc., make a plan now to obtain more than you need in such areas, creating a stronger foundation from which to launch in your new direction. Keep in mind that it is better to be over prepared and arrive at your destination than to fail because you were a hair short of having what you wanted to get there.